How to secure your Dahua recorders against Online Attacks

A few months ago, a loophole was discovered in the firmware of some of the recording equipment manufactured by Dahua. This loophole, in the less recent versions, could potentially be used to access and install malicious software, especially in those recorders which still use the default username and password or where the new password is way too simple.

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Access Control Systems: Types & Technology

To effectively implement the Security policies within an organisation we should consider the various functions available from most Access Control systems. Both surveillance and intrusion systems are fundamentally preventative methods of controlling an area whereas Access Control has to guarantee speedy access while preventing unauthorised admission.

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HD CCTV over coaxial cable

It’s been a few years since true High Definition (HD) video, of 720p and greater, over coaxial cable has been a reality. Today it’s almost run-of-the-mill and it is estimated that by 2018 over 90% of all coaxial connected cameras will be HD.

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Facial Recognition or FaceID, how does it work?

With the launch of the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Apple again sets the technological trend for the coming years, both in Smartphones and in the world of electronics. The presentation of their face recognition system, Apple calls theirs Face ID, has sparked many questions as to how it actually works.

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